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Meet Resident Manager - Ingrid Nalder

Ingrid has been in property management since 1998.  She loves music, learning, reading, the outdoors, fishing, and spending time with her grandchildren

Meet our Lead Maintenance Technician

Photo coming soon.  Randy brings with him 30 + years of experience in construction and carpentry work

Meet our Leasing Agent

Kayleen McGann, believes in providing an excellent level of service,  she is always ready to find solutions to questions and ready to assist in any possible way.

August Saturday 19th

Once again is our end of summer barbecue time.  All of our tenants are invited to our super hot dog barbecue day.  You can bring any items to the potluck, (chips, cookies etc.) We will provide hot dogs & buns, all the toppings and drinks.

August 21, Total Lunar Eclipse

On Aug. 21, 2017, people across the United States will see the sun disappear behind the moon, turning daylight into twilightcausing the temperature drop rapidly and revealing massive streamers of light streaking through the sky around the silhouette of the moon. On that day, America will fall under the path of a total solar eclipse

General eclipse information

The so-called Great American Total Solar Eclipse will darken skies all the way from Oregon to South Carolina, along a stretch of land about 70 miles (113 kilometers) wide. People who descend upon this "path of totality" for the big event are in for an unforgettable experience.

Michael Zeiler

During a total solar eclipse, the disk of the moon blocks out the last sliver of light from the sun, and the sun's outer atmosphere, the corona, becomes visible. The corona is far from an indistinct haze; skywatchers report seeing great jets and ribbons of light, twisting and curling out into the sky.

Confirm your Attendance to our Summer's End Party

Please RSVP here.  We need to have a head count in order to know how to buy for the barbecue.  Thanks a bunch!


The primary focus of the garden is to teach and promote water conservation and landscaping principles, while also offering visitors a chance to learn about the environment of the Virgin River and the six native fish species that populate it.

“We wanted to showcase that you can have lovely landscapes and still be conscious of less water in this environment,” Ron Thompson, general manager of the Washington County Water Conservancy District, said. “… My hope here is this will be a great desert education facility (where) people (visit) and get comfortable with what works in the desert and what doesn’t.”


Suggestions what to do in August share with us

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